Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're having a ...

Barbie went in for an ultrasound yesterday. Unfortunately, it was the only time slot available before we skidattle out of Chicago for Utah and I had a school conflict so I wasn't able to make it. But we had the nurse seal the gender image in an envelope so we could find out together! That was probably one of the longest waits in Barbie's life, but I got home eventually and we found out...
We're having a BABY BOY!
We celebrated by buying a cute boy outfit and looking at all the essential baby "stuff" such as cribs and strollers. We're entering a strange new world here, and I've got a steep learning curve ahead of me. Somehow I'll figure it out, and hopefully my child will always know how much I love him and will do anything to provide for and protect him. Let the adventure begin!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Quilt is FINALLY Finished!!

So this is the quilt I started in May!!! Yes, like forever ago. But, today I finally finished it with some wonderful help from my good from Jenny and much encouragement from my husband. I FINISHED!!! HURRAY!! It is now time for me to take my bow and everyone applaud. It is really sad that this took me so long, but I am notorious for starting lots of projects and not finishing any of them! Right now I haw 2 half finished scarves, an afghan and 3 cross-stitch projects sitting in a box unfinished!!! Josh keeps telling me how proud of me he is for finishing this one. HAHA. That is so sad. But, TaDah!! I finished one, and isn't it cute!