Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

We have been getting around to things a little late this year. Especially me. On Father's Day JJ and I were both sick. So instead of tons of delicious food and a clean house for the man of the house, Josh got to take care of us. That is the kind of man Josh is. He may have been disappointed about the lack of a Father's Day but, he didn't fuss at all. Josh is so understanding and rational. Two qualities I lack.
As I was looking through photos for this post I came across this one. It is the day JJ was born. Josh's huge smile only gives a glimpse of the joy he felt that day. Josh loves being a dad and he is a really good one. He does more than his share of caring and taking care of our child. He loves us so much that he was even willing to do a crazy sleep schedule and only get 3 hours of sleep so he could spend more time with us. I really love this guy!

I love you because you love our child so much.I love you because you are so freakin' hot!
I love you because you are always willing to be the one that carries JJ. And you enjoy it (so does JJ)!
I love you because you are such a righteous man and you teach our son to be the same. You are such a good example to all of us.
I love you because you are so much fun.

We really think you great!! Sorry Father's Day wasn't much this year! JJ and I really want to make it up to you!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

JJ's new hobbies

Now that JJ is one, he has picked up a few new hobbies....

1.) trash collecting. (You can't pry it out of his hand if your life depended on it)

2.) Cooking. Somehow food tastes better if cooked on the ground with a few dust balls.
3.) Cleaning. I'm grateful this kid finally wants to start cleaning up after himself. He is sooo helpful. ;-)

4.) ART. We have a real Picasso on our hand here. So creative, not scared push boundaries and try new mediums.

Face Founatin

Right before our friends left we decided to make a trip to the face fountain. Josh and I had never been. We have seen it many times but, have never gone and played. JJ wasn't thrilled with all the splashing. However, he did have tons of fun with his buddy Luke. Aren't they so cute together. JJ and I are really missing our friends!

I have such a cute kid!

Maybe they will grow up to be college roommates, mission comps, maybe even marry a set of sisters. I hope we can see our friends soon! I seriously want to eat these guys.
Wow! Elise and I are smokin' hot! Don't be jealous of my awesome hair and rock hard abs. I really think we should have worn our bikinis.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday to JJ!!!

Dear JJ,
We celebrated your first birthday exactly one month ago. You keep us pretty busy, so that will be our excuse to why we are just barely getting around to making this post. We threw you an awesome MONSTER birthday party. Mom made monster cupcakes and even a monster cake.
Look at that scary monster.
It was mom's first try at making a cake like this, so unfortunately it turned out scarier than she had hoped for. It began to self destruct.
You look so enthused.

You liked it at a distance....
but, it must have been a little too scary.
We had lots of friends come over (the Hall's and the Robert's). You had so much fun chasing the big kids around. We also had a really cool pinata that your dad and I spent hours making. You cried when people began to hit it. Hopefully you will enjoy it better next year. Happy Birthday JJ. We love you so much and we are so grateful for this year of joy and blessings you have brought into our lives. You are growing up sp fast and learning so quickly. We are excited for all the neat experiences you will have in the coming years but, we also wish we could pause time and keep you like this forever!!