Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life with JJ

We can hardly believe JJ's been with us for 3.5 weeks already! So what is this guy like? He likes noise, motion, and light. These seem to be the best environment for him to sleep! When he does sleep (which doesn't happen to be at night, unfortunately) he often snores (just like his daddy). He's definitely a cuddly baby, and will fall asleep in our arms (but not in his crib). He makes tons of funny faces, and often times Big Josh gets blamed for potty noises that Little Josh actually makes! He is fun, healthy, and most times quite a happy baby. On Wednesday he weighed in at 9 lb 4 oz., so the little guy is getting big way too fast.

What have we learned? That being parents is not easy, and it's a wonder to us that any couple ever has more than one child. He is really cute though, and a huge blessing. The whole thing is definitely an adjustment, and Barbie and I are **patiently** working through the struggles of deprived sleep and crazy hormones. We really love each other, and that's what makes family special, right?

Here are a few pictures from the hospital to his first bath. We love this guy so much.

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Chelsea Hall said...

I love that first picture...and all of them actually. Keep posting away!