Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Summary

We can't believe that summer is over. We've been super busy with trips around the world, so now it's time to catch up on our blog. We figure this is mostly for us, so when Josh gets Alzheimers, Barbie can show him just how good a life he had, even if he can't remember it.
We made the bold decision to drive out to Utah, so Barbie could have a car while Josh traveled. It was quite fun to stop and rest every two hours, feeding JJ at random convenience stores and parks. He did really well, and everyone survived.
Barbie thought she'd be able to see some cool stuff here, but it turned out to be merely a gas station.
Mitchell, South Dakota is known for having an amazing corn palace. I guess once upon a time it was actually made entirely out of corn each year; now only the walls are covered with corn, while the building itself is brick and concrete. Bit of a disappointment.
Mount Rushmore, however, wasn't a disappointment. We spent a morning here, with Barbie scrambling over rocks and tourists to get the best possible photo. Neither of us had ever been here, and it was worth the extra three hours of driving to get here.
I love this photo. Doesn't her face belong engraved in rock as well?

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