Sunday, February 22, 2009


We've been "The Madsen's" for six months now!!! Hurray hurray! Whooop whoop! hubba hubba!$! What does six months of being married to your best friend get you? Read on, dear reader, to find out!

What I've learned about Barbie:

1. She looks SO good in the morning! She's cute in the evening too, but there's just something about the pure freshness of her sizzling presence that gets me in the morning.

2. She can cook a mean Chicken Cordon Bleau~just watch out!

3. She is fantastic at supporting our family in praying together, reading scriptures nightly, and holding FHE~ if there ain't FHE, she ain't a happy girl!

4. She is a true book worm! I guess we were just too busy during the courtship to find out, but she can get addicted to a good book! And the best part is we love reading together outloud.

5. She is super caring, sensitive, and involved. She cares deeply about how we are doing and in doing our best as a couple. She is my best friend.

5 Things I've Learned about Josh

1. He is really good at balancing school and marriage. He's always home for dinner, never makes excuses to cancel FHE, and always makes time to read a good book with me.

2. Josh is truly competitive. He is always up for a good game of scrabble.

3. Josh is a really good cook. He loves to cook by my side.

4. He is a spiritual giant and always is an example to me. he may not be 100% obedient to everything I tell him to do (mr. stubborn) but is always obedient to the Lord.

5. He is always trying to improve himself and our marriage. He is so supportive of all my goals and helps me reach them. I love him so much, he is my best friend.


Cliff, Gina , Reese, baby number 2 in the womb, and Oscar (Our Doggie) said...

haha. You guys are too much. Um, did you copy my blog? j\k. We want to have you over for games and stuff again. That was so fun. Reese saw you guys singing with the primary and said, " I see Josh and Barbie". It was funny.

Bruce said...

You two are so cute together! I love you both! - Dad