Saturday, February 28, 2009


What do all students have in common? We love FREE stuff! There's just something special about the word free when you don't have a job and are pinching and saving to get by. And what happens when you combine the word free with food? Something that reminds me of piranhas!

The business school host a Liquidity Preference Function (LPF, aka Happy Hour) every Friday, and this last one was held at the restaurant Carnival. The appetizers were oh so yummy, and it was just hilarious to see waiters running across the room and flocks of students chasing after the scrumptious food they carried!

One dedicated waiter really wanted to get us a drink, and when we informed him we don't drink alcohol, he made us a delicious concoction called a Mojito--YUMMY!


  • Rum (we skipped this part)
  • Crushed mint leaves
  • Sugar
  • Soda Water
  • Lime


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Joe, Nyckie and Jadyn Ouderkirk said...

Oooh!! Yay for Barbie seeing a rabbit!! :) She is too cute! Love both of ya!! Miss you guys!! Glad to hear Utopia is going well!!