Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer in Review!

As time goes by certainly summarizes our summer, and left little room for updating our blog. Sorry! We have certainly done many things since that camping trip oh so long ago, and pledge to keep a higher standard of blogging.

First things first: WE'RE PREGNANT! Barbie is somewhere past the first trimester, and starting to feel marginally better (depends on the day though). We're simultaneously excited and scared out of our wits to be parents. We both have great families, and hope we can give our kids what our parents gave us. There will certainly be more commentary on THIS important topic in posts to come.

The other highlight of our summer was a trip to England and Scotland. Josh had the opportunity to TA in London, and Barbie just couldn't let him have fun without her (not that it would have been fun without her ;-). Here are some highlights.

Josh and Big Ben!
Barbie on her birthday - Broadway in London!

The famous Tower Bridge.
Hadrian's Wall--Roman ruins that marked the northernmost boundary of the Roman Empire.

William Wallace's monument, overlooking the site of his famous battle.
Well, that was our big summer vacation! How are we going to beat that next year???


Betsy said...

I love the pictures. It makes me want to go to London so bad!!!!!!! I'm jealous.

Jess Hammond said...

Sweet like sugar.