Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Over 4th of July weekend we went camping with all of Josh's family! We really enjoyed ourselves. We ate really good food, played lots of games and enjoyed nature.

A Lot of this was done as well.... ... so nice to relax.

JOsh and I were in charge of a breakfast... Josh woke up super early to get it started I followed about 30 min. later.
This is what I thought to be the half way mark of a very grueling hike!! Less than half of us decided to go on from here. It was beautiful scenery but my body was not happy!!!

We saw tons of aspens, beautiful creeks, and wildlife. I don't even remember how much elevation we climbed but it was A LOT!!!! We thought the hike was only going to be a little more than 4 miles long. and at the half way point half the people were going to turn around get the car and meet us at the end to pick us up. So i figured well it's only a little bit longer of a hile to keep going than if I were to turn around. So I figured what the heck! During the first of what i thought to be the second half i was litterally running up the steep hills, and going super fast!! Think ok only one maile left. Then after that one mile Sam would look at his GPS and say well actually we still have another half a mile, and once we had had gone a half mile up very steep terrain he would look at his GPS again and say "well actually according to the map on the GPS and the curves of the river we have passed we still have about a mile!!" i wsa definiately the hare in this story. I was not diligent and steady. I was the last one to finish and my body was broken! We had a blast though. the scenery was beautiful and it was great to have that experience with my husband! He is so sweet he kept offering to carry me!! HAHAHa. Neither of us would have made it if I would have taken him up on that offer! But it was extremely sweet. Josh is so selfless. I love him so much. He never gives up on me and is always by side to push me along when things are tough! LOVE YOU BABE!

HURRAY! We made it! from this sign I practically had to be carried the 100 feet to the car! Oh BOY, I was wiped out.

This is what we did while we waited for our food! YIPPEEEEEE!!
This is what Josh did!!! CRAZY!!! This water was so freezing COLD!!

Camping was so much fun. It was great to be with family, considering it's only a couple times a year we get to see eachother!! Miss you guys already!

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Jess said...

Fun pictures! I didn't realize the hike wiped you out so much. Maybe I'm glad Rachel insisted I had to take her back to the car? :)

Can't wait to see you at Christmas!