Saturday, April 9, 2011

Every Tuesday looks a little bit like this.....

So just to warn you this post is more for memory sake than for entertainment value. Be prepared to see lots of pictures of people you do not know and most likely do not care about.

I wake up to bowl of some this good stuff! where I then proceed to try and feed my child something with a little less sugar content.

I then head out to go see my chiropractor and am forced to walk by these outrageous gas prices. Crazy I know!! That's Chicago for ya.

This is my awesome chiropractor Dr. Bridget. She rocks but......

She makes me wear this on my head.

I then proceed to take the bus that magically whisks me off to school. Just like the Magic School Bus.

This is my awesome school right in the heart if downtown Chicago.

Which is right across the street from this.

And here I am in my speech class with Fred and Krissy.

This is part of my lunch crew. haha Alicia (A-lee-see-a) and Krzystof, we call him Kris. i love having friends that are 18.

My school is also across the street from this.

I get home and we all try to put some food in our bellies. Do I look frazzled in this picture?

Then we have bath time.

Then time for bed. I love this picture of Josh ;-) I don't think you can tell but, JJ is screaming in this photo.

This is usually proceeded by me crashing on the couch. Good Night all.

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Anonymous said...

I like this view into the daily life of the Madsens. Very enlightening and interesting. :D Thanks for sharing.