Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bloody Spinach!

Wednesday was a very traumatic day in the Madsen home. As you all know Josh and I started a new diet where we eat tons of veggies. Well... Wednesday evening after Josh got home from school he decided to make one of our delicious spinach shakes (he was starving because he had failed to eat all day). He sticks the spinach in the blender all by itself, but it doesn'y liquefy. He then turns off the blender and sticks his hand inside the blender to move around the spinach. The only problem was that the blades to the blender were still whipping around. YIKES!! Josh ripped his bloody hand out of that blender sooo fast!! Luckily it only cut up one of his fingers. No serious damage! We move into the hall so I can get him a band aid, and as I am putting a band aid on his finger he says, "Babe I feel really light headed." He starts leaning forward and completely collapses! His face was completely white and he wouldn't respond!! he had completely passed out!! Putting it lightly I was freaking out!! He was just laying there!!! I ran to the phone and called 911!! Josh finally got up! The paramedics came, although Josh thought it was all unnecessary. Everything turned out fine, my husband is still alive and breathing, and I've calmed down a bit (says Josh). haha. We think his passing out had to do with lack of food--My poor boy!

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Elise said...

That would be terrifying! I'm glad everything is okay and that nobody's missing fingers!