Sunday, November 2, 2008


Trick or Treat!! One of the funnest things about Barbie is her enthusiastic personality. She just shines, and this Halloween was a great example. Some friends hosted a Halloween party, and being on a tight budget (donations accepted) we spent most of the day looking for discount clothing stores in the city. Notta one. Way too expensive for those type of stores to survive here, I guess. But Barbie did eventually find some leggings for a good price and went as a punk rocker's girl, and I was the nerdy punk rocker with blue hair (I already had that outfit). Anyway, the party was FUN!

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Chelsey and Jared Meier said...

How fun! You guys look awesome! I love it! I was at my sister's for Halloween, but it looks like the ward party was lots of fun too!