Monday, November 3, 2008

I have come to a consensus... I like Halloween!

Halloween... It's always a fun time for all ages. I really don't know who it is more fun for, the kids who get to run around and get free candy from everyone, for the parents who watch the kids run around in their cute princess costumes gourging themselves with skittles and bubble gum or for the people like us... no kids, just married. Josh and I had such a great time just dressing up in really lame costumes ( JOsh was very set on dying his hair blue, don't ask me why), we had so much fun being with our friends. In the pic above we have chelsea, jonathan and James, Chelsea was Fanny Mae, Jonathan was Freddie Mac, and James was Uncle Sam. Whenever someone asked for candy chelsea held out her empty candy box and said "oh no, we're bankrupt" The JOnathan (Freddie Mac) pulled out his pockets which were empty and said "So are we"... then they both would say in unison as they looked at baby james " Uncle Sam will bail us out!!" It was really funny. It is things like this that makes halloween fun for all!

Now we have this handsome couple!! David and Jenny!! And she says she doesn't like Halloween!! I don't buy it for a second!!
Now here's the winning family ensemble. The hot dog man (Spencer Clive) and his hot dog daughter!! I think everyone got a kick out of this one!! Who couldn't have fun on Halloween with these kind of characters around!!

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Lu Lu said...

This post made me laugh because I have always had trouble deciding if I like Halloween. I like it if I have a good costume, but feel really lame when I don' most of them have been really lame. I was the same clown for like 3 years in a row when I was a kid. :) I like dressing up my kids though.