Friday, July 10, 2009

Te RE Queiro Hermana Stanfield!!!

So mission compi Stanfield (also known as Camilla) happened to be in Utah the same time as me! With the little amount of time we had together, we had a BLAST!! We laughed our heads off as usual. We were trying to find a restaraunt that happened to only be 2 miles from the south towne mall and we ended up almost driving all the way up to Lagoon!!!!! But as usual she always finds a way to laugh at the situation and make it a great memory!!!! She was my second companion and lets just say I was a pretty intense "newbie" missionary. I would have died without her!!!! I was quite bummed I wasn't able to hook up with some other comps in the area. Hope to see you next time Clari! Te Quiero!!! BESOS!!!!!

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