Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July?

So our 4th of July was pretty much non existent. I woke up sick and slept most of the day, then Later on Josh started to not feel so well. SO our day pretty much consisted of playing airplane with JJ, an awful game of settlers (where I lost) and a lot of sleeping.
At around 8:45 we realized there was going to be a firework show by the lake. We were feeling a little better so we got in the car. Little did we know Hyde Park goes crazy on the 4th of the July. All roads accessing the Lake were blocked off, there was no parking anywhere and the streets were swarming with people. OH BOY! So we drive around and around and ended up parking the car in the Village Foods parking lot. We ate our Cheezits and saw this...
JJ didn't have much fun either.Pathetic I know... It wasn't the best 4th ever, so hopefully we can show JJ how it's really done next year.

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