Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Time Begins

Do you meditate on how you feel? Or do those feelings just naturally come? Can a deep thought be forced, or is it part of 'the moment'? These are all questions my wife is asking me, and I haven't a clue what the answer is. I think life comes in small bursts, with thoughts and impressions hitting us a million different ways each day. Some stick, some go by unnoticed, some will be missed, others are better off ignored. That's my take on deep thoughts at least.

But this post is supposed to be about ME! I took the general exam for the accounting department this week. The school locked me and three fellow sufferers in a room for 10 hours and asked us to type essays until we developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Now a panel of professors will decide if I'm ready to enter candidacy and start working on a dissertation. Let's hope they let me stay!

We celebrated the end of a long journey with pizza in the park. The last few months (and especially weeks) have been pretty grueling on the whole family, so this was a treat for everyone. I'm completely indebted to Barbie for being quite selfless lately and a wonderful help meet. I love you Babe.

I started playing with JJ and this photo is just too cute not to share. Don't judge us for being bad parents, please.

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Jessica Madsen said...

It is a really cute picture! My three have "borrowed" --or begged to borrow and been told no--my glasses for years. Tanner just got his very own pair. He seems to think they're ok!