Sunday, March 6, 2011

JJ's 3rd Quarter

If JJ were a company, he'd now be heading into the 4th quarter of his fiscal year. That's how a nerdy accountant sees it anyway. So how was JJ's 3rd quarter performance? Months 7-9 were wonderful, with so many new skills:
  • Crawling
  • Three teeth
  • Pulling himself up on EVERYTHING
  • Walking along couches, cabinets, and while holding onto fingers
  • Transitioning from 3 naps to 2
  • Adding a few pounds a few inches: now 21 pounds (55th percentile) and 30 inches (97th percentile)
  • Getting his first toothbrush
  • Moving into lots of fun solids (bananas, pretzels, cheerios, avocado, rice cakes, sliced meats, etc.)
  • Emerging personality--he has quite the personality!
  • Excellent bathtub splashing skills
  • Lowering his crib...
  • First haircut
We love our little Munch' so much. I love hearing him just babble in the mornings, and that excited look he gets when we come in to get him from his crib. There are so many precious moments that we just don't want to forget.

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