Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleep Log Week 2

My life has been quite hectic grading exams, so blogs have taken a back seat. I'm still actively pursuing a polyphasic sleep schedule, with mixed results. March 16 was the last time I went to bed with my wife at night with the intent of sleeping until morning. Over the last 12 days I have had some setbacks, occasionally finding it impossible to stay awake at night and crashing in bed for longer periods of 2-5 hours. These nights typically occurred when my naps during the day were delayed or missed due to various social activities. Given this is an experiment, I have not been harsh on myself at these times but have instead tried to learn more about my body and tried to adapt. I don't think it makes much sense to punish me for trying something so crazy to begin with!

I have also had a couple 2-3 consecutive days/nights of a perfect polyphasic sleep schedule. For instance, last night (Sunday) I awoke from my 9pm, 1am, and 5 am naps alert and ready to grade (which was a common theme last week). Today I functioned quite well on a total of 3 hours of sleep, and while I'm drowsy right now (2:40 am), feel good enough to be reading news articles, blogging, and planning my week. I also took out the trash, organized our storage unit, and cleaned up dinner dishes.

My goal this week is to be much more rigid in my sleep schedule, not drifting much from a scheduled nap every 4 hours. Most of my troubles keeping this schedule seem to stem from waiting too long for a nap during the day, resulting in an uncomfortable and sleepy night. I've decided a 1, 5, 9 schedule fits best with school, church, and family. I hope that after a while I can be more flexible in when I take naps, but I think that adjusting completely to this schedule requires an initial fixed schedule. That's my conclusion anyway.

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