Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleep Log Day 5

This morning was rough. I think changing my 'nap' times on Sunday is the culprit, but regardless I ended up taking multiple short naps between 4am and 7am, but then managed to hang on until 11. Probably the biggest surprise is how suddenly exhaustion can come: I can be doing just fine one minute, and suddenly (about 4 hours after my last nap) my body starts to ache and mind goes fuzzy. It's pretty much clockwork, so I'm trying to work with the rhythms my body is making and not push too much beyond what it's asking for.

We went out to a Medieval Jousting tournament/dinner tonight. I mention this because it forced me to schedule my naps around the event to accommodate our plans. Barbie wanted to shop at a nearby Ikea, and was kind enough to take JJ with her while I took a 30 minute nap in the parking lot from 7:30-8 pm. I think I'll be napping in a lot of strange places (and times) during this experiment!

My 2am nap this morning went wonderfully. I do use an alarm (right now just my cell phone) and make sure it's across the room. I've heard that eventually the body will automatically wake up after 30 minutes, but that's only happened a couple times for me so far. I went down with a slight headache and sore throat, but awoke feeling quite refreshed and was able to grade a stack of exams. Productivity!

How is my wife handling this? Right now she mostly feels it's a nuisance I think. I admit it is quite annoying when I come home from school and instead of spending time with her have to head to bed for a nap. But it's only 30 minutes, so we're managing it right now. Her sleep schedule is quite messed up and she's having to adjust to sleeping without me in the bed (I take my night naps on the couch to avoid awaking her). The second day she crashed at 8pm, and the next she was up until 4am with me grading (I had taken plenty of naps, she hadn't). It's convenient to already by up when JJ cries (which isn't very often now) and I can see this schedule being great with a new baby.

How long will she let me do this? I like to think it helps that she awakes to a much cleaner house every day. I love getting so much more done. I hope this means I get to spend more time with her in the evenings. My intention is to do this for 6 months, but that could easily change either direction.

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