Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Josh Goes To Court!!!!

It's true!!! A few weeks ago we got in a small wreck in a parking lot and Josh got cited for failing to yield!!! OUCH! He had to go into the police station and as I waited in the car the police officer almost took away his drivers license!!! The only reaon he got to keep it is because he is from utah!! So our insurance covered all the damages but Josh still had a mandatory court appearance! I went with him for moral support and good thing I did because there was NO parking so I had to drive around downtown for a half hour!! SOOOOO SCARYYYY!! I almost hit two pedestrians!!! It's CRAZY downtown! When Josh finally came out he had a 10 dollar fine for failing to yield and a 135 dollar court fee!!!!! GRRRR..... Why did we have to go to court in the first place!!!

This is the car Josh crashed into!!! hhahahah! j/k I think that fine would be more than 10 bucks.


jenny said...

Thanks for putting music on your blog, I like to listen to music as I do my homework. Great new tunes for me!
We should do something on Thursday (16th). Let me know when you're available.

Anonymous said...

wow what a crazy day! Glad you had each to get through it. Whenever we drove from Michigan to New Mexico we ALWAYS avoided Chicago as much as we could! But it's an awesome city!

Anonymous said...

Wow...that really sucks. I'm glad your insurance covered it. Whenever we would drive from Michigan to New Mexico or Colorado for a visit, we ALWAYS drove around Chicago...too much stress driving there. LOL! Awesome city though. I feel the same way about NYC!