Monday, October 13, 2008

We're MARRIED!!!

YEA!!! We are married!!! This was the most amazing day ever!!! Everything was picture perfect!! Well... except for Josh's ring and all my jewelry getting lost. No one could find any of the jewelry, my mom ran from parking lot to parking lot looking in all the cars and by the time the ceremony was to start still nothing found! So Josh ended up getting married with his dad's ring!!! (Thanks Dad for letting us use it!!!) When the ceremony ended my mom ran back out for another thorough search in all the cars! I just sat in the brides room with My Aunt Korrie and Josh's mom. I really wasn't even nervous. My mom really wanted me to have my jewelry! So... about 45 min later my mom finally arrived! All the stuff had been buried under cadles in the trunk! Still no sighn of my shoes so I walked out in my nice platform sandals! Well here are some pics of the wedding that my Aunt Korrie took, hope you enjoy!

Here is my beautiful niece Abigail!!

Here are a few of the bridesmaids freshening up! Chelsea, Karlene and Natalie!! And Mom Madsen!!

A thirsty Fairy!!

I guess they get hungry too!!


Getting ready to take a few pics!

But Peyton and Haylin are the TRUE models!!!

My brother Jake, My wonderful Mom (who made this awesome day possible), who's the weird guy on the right???

Mom Dad and Abigail

Lot's of friends from the mission came!!! It was so nice to have them there!!! Les quiero Hermanas!!!!

Dance the night away!!! This was mine and Josh's first dance as a married couple! My cousin Luke sang beautifully! The song was "So Close" from the movie Enchanted. It was picture perfect!


jenny said...

Hey Barbie,
Thanks for coming downtown with my the other day. I'm mostly commenting so you know I'm stocking your blog now too and so you have my blog address.

Jenny Benson

Chelsey and Jared Meier said...

Barbie, I love that we all have blogs! It's so fun to read yours and look at the pictures. Your wedding was so pretty!
Thanks for being so nice last night when I had my huge idiot moment. I'm glad the car wasn't towed. haha oh my.
You can change your background by going to different websites. has a lot to choose from, & it looks like you figured out the music. :)

Anonymous said...

You look so happy. I am so happy for you! I can't wait to have my happy ending! :D